Dennis wanted to get his Truck Tinting On A 2020 Dodge Ram 2500 so he Googled Window Tinting Is Simpsonville SC and found us, Perfect Darkness Tint on Google Maps…


Truck Tinting In Simpsonville SC

Truck Tinting In Simpsonville SC


So Dennis clicked on Perfect Darkness Tint to go to the website and landed on the home page…


Truck Tinting In Simpsonville SC

Truck Tinting In Simpsonville SC


Next, Dennis clicked on one of the buttons to pick out the tinting package that works best for him. That took him to this page here…



Now because Dennis has a truck, for his Step 1 he could have either picked the Trucks options or the Tint Driver/Passenger Doors ONLY options which is what he decided to do, that took him over to the page to do STEP 2 – Choose Your Package & Pricing Option…


Because Dennis just wanted to tint the front two windows, the Driver and Passenger doors only it was an easy click for him to then see his options in film and price.



Dennis picked the Nano Carbon film and booked his appointment online. He got a confirmation email and a reminder email the day before his appointment.


When Dennis showed up for his appointment, I was just finishing up another Dodge Ram truck, this one was a 1500 and we did a full tint plus a sun strip on the front windshield too.


Anyways we got Dennis’s truck windows tinted next and this is what he had to say about it…


Truck Tinting In Simpsonville SC

Truck Tinting In Simpsonville SC

You can see the 5 Star Review on Google


If you have a truck or other type of vehicle that you would like to get your windows tinted on, please contact us. Or just follow the same steps that Dennis did and buy and book online for your appointment.


All the best,


Jeremy Creager aka Tint Master JC


Perfect Darkness Tint



PS. Leave your comments down below. Feel free to share this… Truck Tinting On A 2020 Dodge Ram 2500 For Dennis In Simpsonville SC blog post… If you got value or think someone else will.



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