To Tint 93 Thunderbird is ONE OF THE TOUGHEST THERE ARE!!

This Thunderbird has one of the toughest rear windows to tint there are!

Completing this rear window will separate the good tinting technicians from the Master Technicians!

Coming from Travelers Rest SC for Window Tinting to…

After taking his Thunderbird to a different tinting shop in Greenville SC to have the windows done, they completed the side windows to then tell this customer that they are not able to complete the job as they are unable to tint the rear window! It’s too tough!

He was not a happy camper!

He called us…explained his situation and was thrilled to find out that our Master Tinting Technician could tint his rear window and finish his car for him!

Simpsonville Tint Shops Near Me

Simpsonville Window Tint Shops Near Me Greenville County SC

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As the picture shows…another tough Thunderbird rear window completed by our man Jeremy!

The customer is ecstatic to have the tinting finished on his 1993 Thunderbird!

He is so happy with our workmanship that he is booking his other cars in to have us tint it as well!

When you need your car, truck, semi, RV or even golf cart windows tinted…

be sure to contact Perfect Darkness Tint and “Have your tinting done right!”

Check out our tinting packages for your vehicle or book a time for a quote on your residential or commercial tinting needs >>> <<<

All the best,

Jeremy C. aka. Tint Master JC

Perfect Darkness Tint

We Did It Right When Other Tint Shops Couldn't

Tint 93 Thunderbird – Simpsonville SC Window Tinting

Simpsonville Tint Shops Near Me

Simpsonville Window Tint Shops Near Me Greenville County SC

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