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👇This is so true!! A must-read:👇 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film BLACK FRIDAY SUPER DEAL


While most people have their side and rear vehicle windows tinted to protect themselves and their family from harmful cancer-causing UV rays…to reduce the heat build-up…and to protect their vehicle’s interior from sun damage, then WHY do people not put that same type of protection on the largest window on your vehicle…the windshield??

I know it’s crazy…we tint all of our vehicle windows to be safe and protect our families yet we don’t think about THE largest window on our vehicle! 

How much damage you are doing to you…your family and your vehicle by not having windshield tint protection? 

And the HEAT from the sun beating down on the windshield that builds up in our vehicles can get crazy hot! 

We have to run the air conditioning way too much which affects the fuel efficiency of our vehicles and costs us more money!

DID YOU KNOW…that by using Crystalline tinting film (90% Clear) on your windshield you can… 

  • Block 90% of IR (Infra-Red) Heat from getting into your vehicle!
  • Block 99.9% of harmful UV Rays from getting through the windshield!  

Plus it reduces the reflective glare from the sun and headlights!

I have all my vehicle’s windshields tinted with Crystalline and I LOVE it!

I want you to love having your windshield tinted as well so we are offering our… BLACK FRIDAY SUPER DEAL!

That’s right…a BLACK FRIDAY SUPER DEAL…have your WINDSHIELD TINTED to protect you…your family…your vehicle and save you money!

Have Your Car, Truck, SUV, or Van’s WIndshield ONLY Tinted With…

Crystalline 90% Clear – 90% IR Blocking & 99.9% UV Blocking Film

Regular Price = $399.00


You will NOT find a better price to have your windshield tinted! 


BLACK FRIDAY SUPER DEAL – 50% OFF Windshield Tinting 

BOOK ONLINE 24/7    Use Coupon Code: bf50off

SUPER DEAL ENDS – Sunday, Nov. 29 @ Midnight 

Buy Now >>> 

You are covered by our “IT’S PERFECT” Guarantee! 

You’re 100% happy or we re-tint the window!

PS. We are located in Simpsonville SC. After you buy with Coupon Code you will be taken to our self-booking platform and you will get a confirmation email of your appointment with address and directions. 

Please share this BLACK FRIDAY SUPER DEAL with your friends and family so they don’t miss out on this super deal! 

Don’t miss out on Perfect Darkness Tint’s BLACK FRIDAY SUPER DEAL!

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