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As Told by The Bay Area’s Most Famous Window Tinter

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Over 17 years serving as one of the industry’s finest automotive window tinting installers with a focus on customer service & satisfaction for the benefit of all of the beautiful Northern California Bay Area area’s.

Introducing the Automotive Tinting Expert Jeremy Creager of PerfectDarknessTint

Jeremy Creager

In a free-market environment, you can’t simply depend on your product to sell itself. Even for those products that do, there are typically dozens of companies offering the same item, so what makes us stand out?

This is the question we asked ourselves when we first started the business of automotive window tinting. The answer we came up with was that the product can sell itself, so the service needs to be one of a kind.

From that point we narrowed our focus and determined to give Marin County, SF Peninsula and all of San Francisco Bay Area the best possible window tinting service with our four-step approach:

The Best Service

Our intention that every application is perfect the first step. Bubbling, lifting, improper cuts and more will lead to your tint service looking cheap and unattractive. With thousands of installations to Marin County, SF Peninsula and all of San Francisco Bay Area cars over the past 16-plus years, our tinting application specialists are at the head of the class when it comes to your vehicles specific tinting treatment.

For the best automotive window tinting installation in Marin County, SF Peninsula and all of the San Francisco Bay Area,  you have to go with the best quality workmanship.

The Best Products

We use only the best products in your window tinting application. Using 3M Color Stable Window Film and 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film guarantees that you will have a tint that is:
Aesthetically beautiful…
Doesn’t interfere with signals…
Gives high heat rejection…
And will never turn purple.
Backed by a warrantee from a company that’s been around over 100 years.

These Nano-Carbon polyester products are designed to give you the best possible aesthetic appearance while still remaining practical.

With an SPF rating of 1700+ you can face the California sun with confidence.

For the best job, you absolutely must use the best products, and our company settles for no less than the best for your vehicle.

Backed With Experience

From six figure cars, to six seat minivans, our high end automotive window tinting company has seen it all.

When it comes to being able to produce the highest quality applications, your crew has to have the experience to back up their claim.

Check out our Video Testimonial page for window tinting on our home site!

With this type of experience in your corner, you can be sure your tinting application will be perfect.

Aimed Locally

Combining all the above is impressive enough, but our company takes it a step further and focuses our services specifically to the citizens of Marin County, SF Peninsula and all of the San Francisco Bay Area. To bring this great section of Northern California a service all their own, backed with the best workmanship, the best products, and the highest level of experience.

Our company is passionate about what we do, providing an affordable window tinting service that is professional and true to our service promise is a fact that we are proud of.

So if you’re in the Marin County, SF Peninsula or anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area areas, come see us for a quote and take your car to the next level.

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