Automotive Window Tint Removal

When it comes to automotive window tint removal, you’ll want the job done right the first time. But many folks make some common mistakes. Before you choose how to proceed, we offer the following suggestions based on experience in our many years of practice, for your consideration.


Tint removal is not recommended as a Do-It-Yourself project; one mistake can become a disaster–the looks of your precious car can be ruined. Don’t let your fine-looking car turn into something ghastly because you thought you could tinker with the tint and remove it yourself.

Scraping will often leave permanent damage to car windows. By the time you see ugly scratch marks on your window, it’ll be too late—you could regret your choice for the life of your car.

People may think removing film tint is easy. They assume if a mistake’s made, no one will notice. Unfortunately, one mishap does stand out, and can cause unsightly damage which affects the look and value of the car for years to come, as well as cause future problems should a new tint be desired later. Don’t get stuck driving with your windows rolled down to avoid embarrassment!
A newly starting tint removal company or one without years of experience, lacking excellent customer reviews and a great reputation, can present substantial risks as well. Tint application and removal is a highly sensitive procedure and skilled trade. Don’t trust just anyone with your car’s aesthetic look and your good image. Consider your reasons for removing the current tint, your end goals, and your best plan for service.


A tinted window may simply become unappealing to the eyes.
Outdated tint may decrease value rather than increase value.
Low quality window tint may become warped or bubbly.
Low quality tints may fade or turn purple.
Tints applied by owner or a company may fail to adhere to local laws governing the degree of darkness permitted per window–you can get cited with a fix-it ticket requiring removal.
Some tint products interfere with radio antenna reception, GPS, and bluetooth devices.


It’s best to find a reliable, trustworthy professional to apply acquired expertise and protect your investment in your vehicle. Because they also apply film and tint, experts understand the challenges and have the know-how and experience to complete the tint removal job with precision.

Tint companies who offer tint removal services use specific chemicals and a steamer to soften the film or tint, together with specialized tools to remove the old tint cleanly and thoroughly.

​ Window tints have two layers of film. The top layer is easy to peel off, while the second layer is harder to remove. In difficult cases, the second layer flakes and tears, like a stubborn, sticky price tag leaving unsightly residue and traces, no matter how much work goes into trying to strip it off. But a expert automotive window tint removal service can safely and fully remove any car’s tint.

It’s crucial to choose a highly skilled local professional window tint removal service with years of experience, because it’s their job to know the local automotive window tint laws, particular to your locality.


It’s vital to find a professional tinting company with many years of service experience because the more job experience, the more their skills are honed to perfection, their choice in products will be superior, the quality results will be longer lasting, and their reputation will precede them more reliably. The more happy customers they acquire, the more reviews and testimonials will be available to help you make your choice. Fresh entrepreneurs in this line of business could not measure up, nor offer the same confidence, quality, guarantee, or assurance that you’ll get the finished product you desire, and keep it for the life of your car. Tint installation and removal businesses survive long years because they surpass the skills and limits of other tinting companies, and so can guarantee the best results.

We suggest choosing a professional service where you feel comfortable with the way you’re treated, both during the initial greeting and throughout the business relationship and life of the product for years to come. Friendliness without intrusiveness is one of the many ingredients to successful business relations. A company doesn’t survive long term if it causes customer uneasiness or dissatisfaction. But a company who goes the extra mile to ensure every client’s positive experience, who treats them as they would their own family, and provides the highest quality products and end results, will attract and win the loyalty of their growing clientele. With their needs so thoroughly met, the client will recommend the service to their family and friends and never consider going to an alternative service. That booming growth of business is proof of the company’s successful follow through, devotion to professionalism, and reliability to deliver the very best product and customer service.

A serious local based tinting company will dedicate itself in meeting and exceeding the expectations and satisfaction of their clients all the time, every time. They’ll pride themselves by offering the perfect quality products and services—tried, true, and tested to meet the local environment, weather conditions, laws, trends, styles, and specific needs of those they serve. Because personal positive experiences spread best by word of mouth, the company will be known by the local folks for their excellent track record within their community.


Remember to shop and research before making your choice. Make sure you’ve found a professional, local, automotive window tint removal company who knows the local laws and has established a respectable, well known name in the area. You won’t need to travel far and waste time and money once you locate a trustworthy reliable local based tinting and removal company. Don’t forget to ask around, research, and evaluate of the company’s reputation.

An excellent local based tinting business will offer the best service. They’ll make sure all their local clients within their coverage area remain satisfied with their product and service. They’ll know the kind of service needed, specific to the area, and the how to best deliver without delay or fuss. They’ll know how to ensure aesthetically pleasing results for each and every vehicle they service, and how to earn the favor of each and every client they do business with.


We proudly bring you the highest quality professional Automotive Window Tint Removal Service in the Bay Area. Our skills are seasoned with over 15 years experience in our specialty field.
​Let the real professionals take care of your windows for you–your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We know how to please and meet the needs of our clients. Every client within the area is considered Perfect Darkness “family.” The great thing about hiring Perfect Darkness Tint, your local automotive window tint removal company, is that we know our business, we cater to our customers, and we know the local laws regarding the shades of darkness permitted for each of your car’s windows—front, rear, and sides. You can put your trust in us to give you the results you want, with no worries.

If you’re in the Bay Area and want to remove or replace your old tint, you don’t need to go any further. You can rely on us to provide you with expedient, professional, quality tint removal and 100% percent customer satisfaction. After Perfect Darkness Tint Removal Service, you’ll leave with perfectly clear windows and no regrets. Get your free, no obligation quote today!

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