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Welcome to this page, where I will share about the years of tinting BMW’s of San Francisco

Now… Before I get to much into it I want to say a few things first:

  1. It has been a pleasure serving the proud owners of BMW’s in the local area of San Francisco CA.BMW SF Tint Quotes
  2. I am no longer working with these guys but… I highly enjoy tinting BMW’s so for those of you that are proud owners of them… If you want high value, top quality automotive window tinting from a true pro and expert with 17+ years experience in the automotive window tinting industry including tinting thousands of BMW’s. Drive your nice ride up to me at the new Perfect Darkness Tint location… I would love to tint your BMW windows!
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4. If your a past Retail Window Tint customer of ClearGuard’s or German Motors Collision Center’s within the time period from April 20th 2015 to May 6th 2016 and can provide/show me a customer signed work order sheet, and I can match it up to a job that I did, I will offer you 50% OFF any Window Tint Service you want to get/add on the same vehicle or another one you have.

Perfect Darkness Tint Shop
New Location: 427 Aaron St. Ste A Cotati, CA 94931

Ok, Now are you ready to get back to the sharing?

Tinting For BMW Of San Francisco

I/Jeremy Creager and Perfect Darkness Tint brought 12+ years of automotive window tinting experience when we partnered up, supported, worked with and helped start the ClearGuard (or ClearGuard USA and or ClearGuard SF) division, the Automotive Window Tinting, ClearBra Paint Protection Film and Auto Glass child company of German Motors Collision Center of San Francisco. GMCC is owned by BMW of San Francisco.

For a little over 4 years I tinted all the BMW’s of SF that their F&I (finance and insurance) up-sold when selling a new BMW at the BMW of San Francisco dealerships. BMW’s are some of my most favorite cars to work on and tint.

Almost only working on these BMW’s for four years+ you can imagine the practice and expertise I have honed in on after working on hundreds of San Francisco’s BMW’s day in and day out, year after year.

If you Google them you should find them easy… But I’ll make it easier for you. HERE…

BMW of San Francisco

Check out this 5Star Yelp Review Perfect Darkness Tint get from a happy customer!

I just had my windows tinted by Jeremy Creager. Jeremy is the wizard behind the Perfect Darkness curtain. I decided to write this review for two reasons: first I received excellent service and a remarkable tint job; second, I want to help people find this place. If you click the website link or call the phone number link on Yelp, you will most likely be connected with an answering machine or an automated website referring to "VIP Auto Tinting," or "Clear Guard." I thought that Perfect Darkness had been bought out, or something. I did not want to go somewhere that had had a good business reputation, but was now being operated by an unknown. Luckily, I persisted in trying to contact "Perfect Darkness." I eventually ended up on and left a voicemail message and signed up for an appointment. Now I know why I had been linked to those other businesses. "Perfect Darkness," "Clear Guard," and "VIP Auto Tinting," essentially, are all Jeremy Creager. Jeremy has moved up and is restructuring his business model. Jeremy now has his tint shop physically located inside of the "German Motors Collision Center," at 1140 Harrison Street; and, his business is formally associated with "Clear Guard," which is part of the business components associated with the German Motors Collision Center (GMCC). Yeah, I know, so what. Well, GMCC is the body shop for "BMW of San Francisco" and "San Francisco Mini." I sat in the GMCC waiting room, reading, and observed the GMCC operations. That is a very well run, efficient operation, with good staff. When you go to your appointment with Jeremy, you drive into the GMCC building entrance and park, then walk into the reception/waiting room for service. It is the GMCC staff who receive you (know your name), and coordinate with Jeremy. When Jeremy comes out, he will then discuss your job with you, and then he will drive your car into the back and into his tint shop. It can be up to three or four hours to complete an all windows tint job. One of the best parts of this experience was signing up for the tint job appointment online, and simply paying online. Simple quick, and easy. It was followed up by a contact phone call from Jeremy. Nice system. When I got my car back, wow! (A principle reason that I went to Jeremy, was because he uses "3M" products. I believe that they make The best tint films.) I've had many tint jobs on various cars over the years. This is the most beautiful tint job, ever. Please take a look at my photos, posted here. Jeremy did a remarkable job, very professionally (look at the "Do Not Roll Down" sticker). He's not cheap, but you get high quality work, worth every penny.

Note: the website is: (not

Also, Note: We are no longer located in the GMCC building.

Perfect Darkness Tint Review from Mark A. image of Do Not Roll Down

BMW SF Tint Quotes

This page here… I want to share before and after pics and videos of the BMW’s I tinted for BMW of San Francisco.

But first check out this video of me (Perfect Darkness Tint) hired by ClearGuard USA (or ClearGuard SF) a Child company of German Motors Collision Center which is also owned by BMW and Mini of San Francisco, putting Security Film on the SF BMW Dealership building windows, because someone stole a BMW and drove right through the windows with one of the showroom cars…

Security film on the BMW of San Francisco Building

Published on Mar 4, 2017

Perfect Darkness Tint hired by ClearGuard USA and BMW of SF to put security film on the BMW of San Francisco dealership building.

Check it out!
From Channel 7 news.

Brazen thief steals BMW from San Francisco dealership


Well anyways, back to sharing BMW’s that I tinted for these guys… Here you go…
Please enjoy!


SF 3M Color Stable Tint BMW 328i

Published on Apr 28, 2015

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SF 3M Color Stable Tint BMW 328i before and after tinted video.
San Francisco 3M automotive window tinting.

Bay area BMW X3 Window Tinting to protect your dogs inside.

Published on May 1, 2015

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Bay area BMW X3 Window Tinting to protect your dogs inside.


PerfectDarkness Tint’s BMW X5 Window


PerfectDarkness Tinted BMW M3 with 3M Film


PerfectDarkness Tints BMW in 3M Crystalline Film


Here’s another BMW I tinted…

My November 21st, 2015 Video

PerfectDarkness Tint’s BMW front 2 Windows


PerfectDarkness Tint’s two roll up windows on BMW


BMW M4 Tinted by Perfect Darkness Tint with 3M Color Stable Film



SF BMW Tinted with 3M by Perfect Darkness Tint


My January 7th, 2016 Tinted BMW


SF BMW 428i Tinting by Perfect Darkness Tint with 3M film Color Stable 50% on the fronts and 20% on the back half.

BMW SF Tint Quotes

SF BMW Tinting by Perfect Darkness

My January 18th, 2016 Video of me Tinting A BMW windshield with 3M Crystalline 90% Automotive Film at the German Motors Collision Center Building

SF BMW 640i Tinted by PerfectDarknessTint

Jeremy Creager Tint Master
#SF #BMW #640i #Tinted by #PerfectDarkness with #3Mfilm #Crystalline 60% full tint.

BMW X1 Tinted by PerfectDarknessTint

Jeremy Creager a year ago
#BMW X1 #tinted by #PerfectDarkness with #3M film #Crystalline #90%

My January 25th, 2016 Video Tinting another BMW of SF

My February 23rd, 2016 Video BMW

My March 2nd, 2016 BMW of SF Video

My March 4th, 2016 BMW of SF Video

My March 9th, 2016 BMW of SF Video

My March 11th, 2016 BMW X1 video

My March 18th, 2016 Video of SF BMW

My March 23rd, 2016 video of BMW of SF Tinted

4/26/2016 tinting 🙂 SF BMW wagon done by Perfect Darkness Tint



BMW SF Tint Quotes


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