UNION SQUARE Window Tinting

Standing atop a tall sand dune hill in this area during the onset of the Civil War, pro-Union pioneers made speeches rallying settlers to battle the confederate, eventually enabling them to keep the Union together and form early US government vs. state rights for the people. Now the Union Square Monument, recognized as a California historical landmark stands in the center of town. Folks refer to Union Square, both the neighborhood and the shopping center of the same name, with a touch of civic pride. This rich history steeps the neighborhood with patriotism, showing clearly throughout downtown and within various stores and shops.

UNION SQUARE Window Tinting

We offer services to the residents of Union Square with the same amount of pride–in our work, neighborhood, and in our fellow residents. That pride comes through when you see the excellence we put into providing you with the highest quality window tinting in the City. We use only the highest caliber product, applied by seasoned professionals. We bring you a level of aesthetic appeal and practicality that will leave you thrilled with your results. Our product will provide protection and never fade or turn purple, from the moment we apply your custom tint throughout the life of your vehicle.

Whether you live nearby or are passing through to experience a bit of national history, here to shop for deals at the Macy’s flagship store, or to see the Xanadu Gallery, you’ll love the spectacular views in a whole new light through your expertly crafted and applied window tints and films. No more midday sun beating down on you as you travel the streets. Give your eyes and your skin a rest from harmful sun rays, and enjoy the California weather.

We’re here to give you the best service in the City, no matter where you’re going, or where you’ve come from. Get your free, no obligation quote today!



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