TENDERLOIN Window Tinting

On the southern slope of Nob Hill flatlands, Tenderloin has maintained an interesting reputation since soon after the 1849 California Gold Rush. By the 1920s, this district became notorious for it’s gambling clubs, billiard halls, boxing gyms, forbidden Prohibition era liquor stores, smokey nightclubs, and lively nightlife.

Since then, it became known as a community which refuses to take part in gentrification. If you enjoy the excitement of a downtown reminiscent of old western brothels, burlesque houses, and jazz music, you’ll feel right at home. There’s still plenty of theatres, bars and restaurants to entertain and delight, as well as creative artistry to view. On your way to visit Little Saigon with it’s various Vietnamese influences, check out the city murals by Banksy and Dan Plasma, and the high-end art houses.

TENDERLOIN Window Tinting

Whether hanging within the district or passing through, you’ll find the sun shining on us all equally, regardless of who we are or what we do. For you’re convenience, we extend our Perfect Darkness Window Tint specialty services to every neighborhood of San Francisco. We offer high quality products and applications to you and all your friends in the community. Our doors are open and invitation extended, at your convenience. You’ll need our practical solutions for respite from the glaring sun, to protect your eyes and skin from the heat, and preserve the interior of your car. Our tints have heat reducing qualities, so you’ll stay cooler as you drive.

With our window tinting and films, you can be sure you’ll receive the highest quality benefits, stylish aesthetic appeal, and top notch craftsmanship. We’ll provide you with a product that’ll last the test of time and never lose it’s shade. All our products have SPF protection qualities. They’ll never interfere with wireless signals, as we don’t use metal filament tints like some low quality tinters do.

No matter what part of the city, or what neighborhood you call home, we consider you our neighbor, and as a good neighbor–we’re here to give you what you need, when it truly matters. Get your free, no obligation quote today!



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