SIXTH STREET Window Tinting

As a gateway route to the freeway, Sixth Street is a busy district with a unique reputation. If you like the thrill of a transient downtown scene amidst hip bars, seedy night clubs, liquor stores, do-nut shops, and cheap hotels, you might feel right at home on the street. There’s also colorful street art, interesting art galleries, and some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in the City.

Those who live in and love the area, enjoy affordable housing and talk of neighborhood reform, progress, and promising improvements in the works.  Those who commute to or from the area, face the same sun, heat, and challenges as the rest of the City.

Just as the sun doesn’t discriminate where and who to shine on, we as a booming company reflect the same philosophy–we extend equal, friendly, personal, and professional service to everyone facing the same challenges presented by our California daylight and heat.

SIXTH STREET Window Tinting

Our high quality line of window tints and films will keep every pair of eyes happy and relaxed, seeing the world as a cheerier place, while looking through a Perfect Darkness shaded window. With high SPF protection ratings, heat resistance, and numerous other practical and aesthetic benefits, we offer you a wide selection of choices.

Much like Sixth Street itself, the true gifts of our window tints out number what can be seen on the surface. We look forward to fulfilling your custom window tint dreams. We can help open your eyes to a whole new perspective, by providing the means to diffuse the intensity of the sun’s excessive glare, increasing your comfort, and adding to your style.  Get your free, no obligation quote today!



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