SEA CLIFF Window Tinting

Sea Cliff and its connected China Beach is known for it’s “star power.” Home of Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet, Eugene Levy, Cheech Marin, and the late legendary Robin Williams, this beautiful ocean side location is aptly named. It’s a bright neighborhood with impressive views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and Baker Beach, this community may not offer a lot by way of excitement, but it’s home to many “tourist worthy” locals! If your game is watching the ocean, enjoying the scenery, and potentially crossing paths with a celebrity, then Sea Cliff is right up your alley.

As in any district in San Francisco,  you won’t be able to ignore how much the sun influences and affects your day to day life. With sparkling beams reflecting across the Pacific, bouncing in any direction, the sun may beat at your back and glare in your eyes at the same time.

We’re mindful of the hazards and discomforts the sun presents when you’re behind the wheel, as well as the damage it causes to your car’s interior.

SEA CLIFF Window Tinting

We offer the protection you need, with a full line of window tinting options that will benefit you year round and never fade or turn purple. Judging by the high caliber product and service we extend, you’d think our service is exclusively reserved for our celebrity clientele, yet your satisfaction is equally as important to us. We offer the same top quality standards and guarantees to our everyday customers, and deliver the best products, applied by high end experienced professionals.

We bring you a wide range of practical benefits, with an SPF rating of up to 9000, no wireless interference, and a wide selection of tinting degrees to personalize the level of protection you desire. No other company will exceed the variety offer, nor surpass the amount of protection you’ll get from the tiny layer of film we apply to your vehicle’s windows.

We pride ourselves knowing that when you drive away, you’ll do so with a smile, happy with your experience and to be viewing the world through your Perfect Darkness tinted windows. Get your free, no obligation quote today!



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