RICHMOND Window Tinting

Who would guess that this affluent neighborhood north of Golden Gate Park, with it’s high-end restaurants, cafes, and active night life used to be rolling sand dunes from the west side all the way to the Pacific Ocean? Yep, Richmond has gone through many changes since then. Now home to a large population of Chinese, Russian and Jewish immigrants who arrived at various times for many varied reasons, it’s become one of the most mature neighborhoods in the San Francisco area, known for it’s bright residential neighborhood and Marina style houses.

Though this area is known for it’s foggy cool air, with moisture from the nearby Pacific, it’s still showered upon by excessive sunbeams which can cause blind spots, discomfort, hazards, and damage–especially midday and evening before sunset. When the sunlight stretches across the California sky, glaring toward you, you need to be ready for it.

RICHMOND Window Tinting

We’re proud to offer you the best solutions in town. Our company can bring you a means of dealing with the sunlight with both cutting edge practical benefits and perfect aesthetic style. As within any part of the San Francisco Bay Area, the sun is a constant reminder of the richly blessed environment in which we live, but having the means to travel in comfort and protection is paramount.

Our window tinting company offers that exact benefit to you with a level of style and comfort that’s hard to imagine coming from such a thin application. We carry a wide variety of VLT degrees and styles that will allow you to face the morning and late afternoon sun fearlessly–with confidence. Your eyes will be well-protected from the glare. The heat reduction resulting from the tint or film will enhance your comfort and allow you to better control the temperature in you vehicle’s interior, without heavy reliance on your air conditioner. SPF ratings will give your skin a break from harmful UVA and UVB radiation. Your passengers will thanks you, and your interior will last longer.

You can trust our company and our name, Perfect darkness, since we measure our success from the satisfaction of our customers, whom we value and serve as if our own family. Our professional application will look great for the entirety of your vehicle’s lifespan, guaranteed to never fade or turn purple, and never interfering with your technology. Get your free, no obligation quote today!



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