PRESIDIO Window Tinting

First claimed in 1776 by New Spain to gain access to Alta California and the San Francisco Bay, The Presidio (or El Presidio Real de San Francisco–The Royal Fortress of Saint Francis as named back then), sits at the northern tip of the Peninsula. An active military base for 219 years, it was passed to Mexico, then to the U.S. in 1848. By 1994 the base was closed and transferred to the National Park Service as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Today it’s a park known for its wide recreational use, steadily booming in popularity, drawing hundreds of visitors per day every year.

Home of the Crissy Field Center, Presidio serves as a hub for youth engagements, after school programs, urban education, interactive environmental exhibits, cultural festivals, and it’s a great place to spend the day with family, friends, or even alone, expanding your horizons and simultaneously experiencing nature, history, and City culture.

When you head to or from the Presidio neighborhood, you’ll want to see the sights in comfort, with a shield from the heavy doses of mid-California sun, especially when you’re out in the open! This means you need to protect yourself, family, passengers, and your car interior from the elements. We’re thrilled to offer you the means to properly achieve that protection through our specialty window tinting service.

PRESIDIO Window Tinting

Our company provides top quality product and high caliber application by the best professionals in town, so you can rest assured you’ll receive the best possible protection from the sun’s glare, radiating UVA, and UVB rays that accompany it. With an SPF rating of up to 9000, and a wide range of VLT degrees, you can custom fit your vehicle to give you the exact level of protection you need, and a professional application at affordable prices.

Our window tints and films are guaranteed to last, enhance your style, and add the practicality of paramount protection and preservation of your vehicle’s value. You’ll be fully satisfied with the your car’s new aesthetic look, improvement in comfort and interior temperature control, and most important the benefit of safety from the glaring sun. Get your free, no obligation quote today!



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