PANHANDLE Window Tinting

The Panhandle is a, narrow, section of park that forms a panhandle shape leading into Golden Gate park, providing folks a scenic strip where they can stroll and enjoy their sunny California day.     Whether heading to a basketball game, or taking the kids to play at the park playground, this almost mile long respite from concrete and steel is a great way to connect with nature, and find serenity as you bask in the sun or relax in the shade.

Heading to and from this area, whether local or visiting, you’ll need to a plan for protecting your eyes, skin, your children and passengers, and your car’s interior.

PANHANDLE Window Tinting

Our company offers the precise assistance you need to achieve top level protection, ensure your comfort, and preserve your car’s value. We specialize in window tints and applications to bring you shade, cooler air, and shield you from the glaring California sun.

If you travel, commute, drive around town, or even park near The Panhandle for a short time while enjoying the park, our heat resistant materials will offer protection to the interior of your car and extend the overall lifespan of your interior materials.

Our high SPF rating and varying degrees of tinting will make your days more tolerable, and enable you to relax your eyes without burning, stinging, or discomfort from the sun’s glare. No more concern about sunburn, either. You’ll be worry-free as you make your way across the City streets, knowing you and your children riding along with you are all safe from the heat and sun. We offer a wide range in VLT degrees that will allow you to specially tint the window closest to where your young ones normally sit, which will give them extra protection as you drive them here and there.

When it comes to bringing you the best aesthetic look you could ask for, a comfortable ride, and the highest quality protection you’ll appreciate, we take our work and service of your window tint seriously. Get your free, no obligation quote today!



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