NOE VALLEY Window Tinting

Once home to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and world renowned guitarist Carlos Santana, this quiet and quaint neighborhood is dubbed “Stroller Town” for it’s blossoming young family population. In the past, Noe Valley was known as the heart of a blue collar culture, full of hard working, middle class Americans. The strength and beauty of that legacy still weaves through the neighborhood’s ever present tapestry.

Named for the last Mexican Mayor or Yerba Buena, the climate of this peaceful little valley gets shielded by the nearby Twin Peaks, creating a microclimate of warmth and sunny delight.

With this same sweet sunshine, comes sunburns, heat discomfort, heat damage, glare, and sometimes even driving hazards. Parents must guard and protect their children, families, and possessions from too much sun.

NOE VALLEY Window Tinting

In that respect, we do our part to protect you, your family, and your car interior. Our window tinting service is available to you and all residents and visitors of the Noe Valley area. Our high quality window tints come in a wide range of varying shades and degrees, to block the glare from reaching your’s and your young one’s eyes, while effectively reducing the temperature in your car for your comfort. With an SPF rating of up to 9000, you can be sure that sensitive skin will be well protected, with no worries about transmitted interference–your radio, bluetooth, and wireless signals aren’t affected. We use metal free window tint and top quality film products.

You can plan your outings in safety and security, knowing when your little ones are in the car, your family will be well protected from the California sun. Whether on a family excursion, shopping the Noe Valley bustling strip malls, or commuting to or from the minibus line, we offer a means of protecting what’s most important to you, while improving your car’s aesthetic appeal. Once you get your car tinted by Perfect Darkness Window Tinting, you’ll be thrilled with your vehicle’s quality new upscale look, as well as the practical benefits you’ve gained.

Whether blue collar, or with stroller in tow, you can be sure we’ll bring you the highest quality service and application of our superior window tints and films. Got your free, no-obligation quote today!



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