The Mission District, or more commonly called “The Mission,” has a long and storied history with the local Latino community. Once an influential congregational meeting place for Mexican followers of religion, the Delores Mission still stands as a historical landmark.

Throughout it’s existence, The Mission has also been known as an artist-friendly community that breeds and blooms local talent. From the punk rock groups of the eighties and nineties, to more visual artistry of today.

The Mission is an ever evolving area that refuses to be defined, and it’s this characteristic which draws us to it. A section of the City that changes with the times, stays a step ahead of the social curve, and serves as a role model for many institutions and businesses alike, it  consistently adapts it’s approach to the market. You could say it tunes into the vibe of tomorrow rather than remaining stuck in yesterday.


Likewise, we at Perfect Darkness Tint, strive to make a superbly positive impact on drivers in this district. We may not directly re-define your business approach, but we can make a difference in the comfort and ease of your commute, while helping to redesign and adjust your mood, attitude, presentation and image. Arriving to your destination in cool style with your newly tinted windows, will add both aesthetic and practical appeal.

Our window tints and films will provide your vehicle with much needed protection from our bright California sun, and bring you a means of heat reduction and SPF protection. We use only the highest quality products, and offer the best workmanship you could find. Relax in full confidence that our treatment for your windows will never fade or turn purple. It’s this consistency, and this attempt to stay ahead of the curve that we feel is reflective of The Missions personality. We pride ourselves in giving the local residents, visitors, and you, the means to enjoy the neighborhood without unnecessary worry of repercussions of a glaring sun. Through your perfect darkness window tint, you’ll see new horizons in comfort and style.

It’s our mission to bring you the absolute best. We know you’ll be fully satisfied with your custom window tinting. Get your free, no-obligation quote today!



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