MARINA Window Tinting

The Marina District has the distinction of sitting on the  635 acre homeland of the historic Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE). The PPIE emerged as San Francisco’s World Fair in 1915, in part to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal, but also to showcase the City’s recovery from the Great Quake of 1906, a true turning point of San Francisco livelihood.

Rubble from the Great Quake was used in the reclamation of the land, with landfill consisting of mud and sand drudged up from the bottom of the Bay. After the exposition ended in 1915, the land was sold and transformed into a residential neighborhood during the 1920s. All the fair’s attractions were torn down, except the Palace of Fine Arts, one of the most iconic landmarks in the area and the only remaining building from the PPIE affair.

Today, the Marina District is still reminiscent of it’s mid-twenties charm, and since the 1980’s it’s attracted locals consisting mostly of young professionals in their twenties and thirties, which lends to a feeling of youth and vitality across the area.

Many make their morning commute from the Marina District to larger areas of the City, while others work within the neighborhood at local shops, restaurants and community establishments. All who travel by car every morning know the effect of the California morning sun can be intrusive, uncomfortable, and at times hazardous. The glare in your eyes while driving in traffic is a real concern, and when sun rays beat down in the afternoon it can take a toll on you and your car.

MARINA Window Tinting

Our company is here to offer you the protection you and your eyes need. Our heat resistant window tints will give your eyes a break from the morning and high afternoon sun, while providing you with an SPF rating of up to 9000. This treatment is non-interfering with your technology needs of today, such as bluetooth and wireless signals, while boasting many more benefits.

We’ll help you stay cool and comfortable and help preserve your car’s interior, as you drive and park under the hot sun. We offer an extensive line of top grade choices when it comes to custom window tinting and films, providing your vehicle with a stylish look that also extends the life of it’s interior.

When heading in and out of the Marina District, being able to truly take in your surroundings is a must. The boats in the bay, the sun in the clear blue sky, all culminating in a beautiful experience that begs to be observed. You’ll absolutely love seeing the views through your newly tinted windows! Get you free, no-obligation quote today!



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