LOWER HAIGHT Window Tinting

Home of the United States Mint and the San Francisco Zen Center, Lower Haight, sometimes also known as “Haight-Fillmore,” lies in a shallow valley between Mint Hill and Upper Haight, near Duboce Park and the Harvey Milk Recreational Arts Building, located between the Alamo Square and Hayes Valley.

This small section of the City is known for it’s a funky post-punk bohemian atmosphere, though not always in the best light. Past issues with crime have largely been rectified by the vigilance of its inhabitants and their local government, showing they care enough for their community to band together for common goals, solve their problems, and progress in harmony. Due to their efforts, this neighborhood now is one of peace and prosperity, home to a diverse crowd of young artists, bicyclists, and post-college residents.  Local businesses consists of many cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, galleries, and hair salons.

LOWER HAIGHT Window Tinting

We proudly offer our window tinting service to visitors and residents of the Lower Haight neighborhood. We bring you the quality professionalism you can expect from a world renowned service, with the personal friendliness and welcoming attitude you’d expect from your local mom-and-pop shop. We strive to serve folks from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds by offering a finished product we know will please and satisfy. Similar to the attitude of the locals in this community, we adopt the mindset of openness and flexibility in personally solving the custom tinting needs of all our clientele.

We know you need a service that will equip you to deal with the constant burning California sun, adding aesthetic charm and practicality at the same time. We have just the products and service for you. Our colorfast SPF protection will give your vehicle longevity, heat reduction, and a style all of its own.

If you live, visit, or drive through town, allow us to offer you the solutions you need, so you can see the beauty of this area–and the rest of the world–in cool comfort through your new custom tinted windows. Get you free, no obligation quote today!



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