HAYES VALLEY Window Tinting

In the Western Addition District, Hayes Valley is nestled between Alamo Square and the Civic Center. You’ll experience it’s idyllic western charm as you drive through the neighborhood, viewing historic Victorian, Queen Anne, and Edwardian homes, prestigious
high-end boutiques, restaurants, and public housing complexes.

Long ago, small bands of Native Americans, now collectively called the Ohlone Tribe, settled this peaceful area and prospered gathering food near Mission Creek and the seasonal Hayes Creek. During the goldrush in the mid 1800’s, Italian immigrants arrived and farmed produce on the sandy soils of Hayes Valley. Since then, the area has grown and modernized, adding it’s 2013 addition–the SFJAZZ Center–the first free-standing, one-of-a-kind building in the West dedicated solely for jazz music performance and education.

Whether spending the day or your lifetime in Hayes Valley, you’ll feel the unique sense of serenity and relaxed pace that sets this community apart from the rest of the big City. Yet this neighborhood, despite it’s smaller demographics, still offers the same amenities and advantages you’ll find in the larger, more advanced areas of the City.

HAYES VALLEY Window Tinting

Our window tinting service aims to please you, and every one of our special customers from every walk of life.  We bring you top quality tints including all the practicalities available within today’s technological advancements–from no electrical interference to high SPF protection, along with many tinting options, such as heat reduction and color fast films. When it comes to offering protection and ease on the eyes of our neighbors and friends, we take our job seriously.

Like the town of Hayes Valley, we attempt to bring together a consistent sense of the past, stability of the present, and a sprinkling of the future to come. So when you’re out and traversing the streets of our picturesque valley, know your eyes, skin, and car interior are protected by a company that truly cares about giving you friendly, personalized service. Get your free no-obligation quote today!



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