For many, this rich and diverse historic neighborhood is the epitome of San Francisco culture. Named after two adventurous pioneers, Haight-Ashbury is most well known for it’s enormous influence on the California hippie subculture. From the Summer of Love to the “Painted Lady” Victorian homes dotting it’s landscape, this district is a beacon of peace, love, and easy going community.

At night, you’ll find the streets lit with a thousand psychedelic colors, and during the day folks lollygag in and out of iconic Haight-Ashbury shops for gifts and bargains, fun and sights. This is a colorful community known for radiating its unique fire-ball personality, much like the California sun radiates its huge, bright, everlasting presence.

Before closing down, The Other Café helped bring us some of the best entertainment around–including the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Dana Carvey and the late, great Robin Williams. These beloved superstars are symbolic examples of the feel, style, and atmosphere Haight-Ashbury is made of. It’s a one of a kind historic culture that must be experienced; one
which doesn’t take things too seriously, yet seriously aims to deliver more kindness into the world, and certainly a town with much to offer.

As with any neighborhood in the City, the Haight-Ashbury sunshine, as mentioned above, will seek you out along the streets, between the antiquated buildings, and through the trees–same as it does throughout all of our California coastal region.


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As a change of pace whether from your general sightseeing, or from your everyday work regimes, you’re invited to visit, explore, and experience the serendipitous Haight-Ashbury lifestyle.

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