Tiburon Window Tinting

Tiburon is a gorgeous coastal city in southern Marin County. The city’s name (tiburon, or “shark” in Spanish), easily connects the area and its nearby west coast oceanic waters. Home to a large population of beautiful leopard sharks, Tiburon is a nature lover’s paradise. The accent on the outdoors includes community mingling each Friday evening in the spring and summer. The main street is closed to vehicles, allowing outdoor dinner, drinks, and dancing.

This communal atmosphere is a huge draw to the area, and brings in residents from all over looking for a scenic community that always seems to provide something to do. With a focus on residents health, Tiburon was the first city in the world to eliminate trans-fats from its restaurants. With this kind of dedication to the health and well-being of its inhabitants, it isn’t hard to see why residents love the city so much.

Tiburon Window Tinting

That admiration is expressed across the city and spreads all through Marin County, and our window tinting company taps into that heartfelt notion in our offerings to Tiburon and Marin County residents. Our service is aimed at making the residents of this fine city and county feel appreciated and cared for.

But giving nothing but the best service, backed with the highest quality products, we endeavor to give Marin County, and Tiburon residents the best possible window tinting service not only in the county, but in the country. Using 3M Color Stable Automotive Film and Crystalline Window Films, we ensure that every application to your car is one that is backed with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Guaranteeing to never turn purple, giving you 99.9% UV protection, an SPF rating of 1700+… all on top of allowing you to drive without the glaring sun piercing your vision. To us, it’s the least we can do.



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