Sausalito Window Tinting

Sitting near the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito began as a ship building center during World War II. Sausalito is closely tied to the images of houseboats along the Bay Area shoreline. With one of the  largest open gate marinas in the area, it is home to a community of over 400 houseboat owners.

The legend Otis Redding himself wrote “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” while floating on a houseboat in the city waters. With that type of endorsement, it’s easy to see why the houseboat community is so tight knit and proud. From the boats to the many nature parks in the area, there is a connection between residents and community that is defining of Marin County locals.

That connection is one we work to exemplify with our window tinting service. By serving the citizens of Sausalito and Marin County, we endeavor to provide that constant thread of togetherness across the county.

Sausalito Window Tinting

With our high end window tinting service, you can expect an automotive enhancement that will bring not only aesthetic appeal to your vehicle, but provide a practical solution to protecting your car even while it’s parked alongside your home or houseboat. Reflecting the suns heat protects the interior of your car form being damaged. And providing high UV and SPF protection, you can rest assured that you will also be protected with driving in the California sun.

Our window tinting company is about more than just providing you with an effective product, but also providing you with a sense of community from a company that is dedicated to the residents in Sausalito and Marin County. By offering the most experienced and professional window tin application service we can, we aim to grow and expand our service for years to come, and provide that service to the next generation of Sausalito inhabitants.



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