San Rafael Window Tinting

Located in the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay, San Rafael got its beginnings as a hospital site, which eventually turned into a full mission.

Named after the archangel Raphael, who was the patron angel of healing, the city was renowned for the medical care available to those affected by the cold at the San Francisco Mission Dolores.

Since those early days, San Rafael has gone on to become one of the video game industry’s biggest draws, and home to such notable companies as LucasArts and Stormfront Studios. With Industrial Light and Magic and THX providing the film industry with industry leading effects, and even drawing Metallica lead singer James Hetfield to the city limits, San Rafael has transformed itself into a small city with big entertainment implications.

With many industry leading companies already shaping the world of tomorrow, this small city north of San Francisco has put itself on the map in an impactful way. And much like the success of San Rafael, our company looks to emulate that transition in the same fashion.

San Rafael Window Tinting

Beginning from humble roots, our company is now in the business of presenting the technology of tomorrow in terms of window tinting. Using Nano-Carbon technology through 3M Color Stable Window Film and Crystalline Automotive Film, simple tinting has advanced to the realm of future technology, no longer relying on metallic weaves that cut your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals.

With SPF ratings of 1700% and a 99.9% blockage of harmful UV rays, the window tinting industry has gone beyond simply shading the driver, and into providing tangible practical effects. And our company is dedicated to providing this technology, expertly applied, to the residents of San Rafael and Marin County. Living in a city as on the verge of tomorrow as San Rafael, why settle for anything less than cutting edge?



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