Fairfax Window Tinting

Gone are the days of Irving Berlin serenading the residents of Fairfax from the treetop piano at Pastori’s Hotel, but that spirit lives on in this idyllic city in Marin County. A fusion of nature, entertainment, and fun-loving local lunacy encapsulates the spirit of Fairfax residents, in a way that endures to this day. Known for its rolling hills and valleys, Fairfax is a driving dream with abundant scenery and winding roads.

Fairfax Window Tinting

A drive under the California sun is made that much better, in terms of practicality, if your car is protected against the natural elements. Our window tinting specialists are proud to serve the citizens of Fairfax with a professional window tinting application that will allow you to get out and truly enjoy your driving tour of this beautiful landscape on the edge of Marin County.

Whether immersing yourself in the historic Bird’s Nest Glen, or stopping by to revel in Central Field (the scene of a 1960’s softball game between Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead), you will find your tour to be filled with local history and natural beauty, made all the more enjoyable with your knowledge that you and your vehicle are sufficiently protected from the midday sun.

Take an afternoon to immerse yourself in Fairfax’s history, from the site of the last political duel to the location of the infamous B-17 crash in the 1940’s. No matter where you turn in this city, you will find stories that intertwine Americana with the rich history of this beautiful little city.

Residents of Fairfax know find that mixed with that historical connection are signs of all the advanced technology that our modern society has to offer… Such as our 3M Color Stable Window Films and Crystalline Automotive film. Allowing you to see history through the sheen of today’s advanced technology, perfectly summing up Fairfax and California’s appeal, natural beauty blended with the old and the new.



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