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Our Business Story and History In The Making

Hey there, Jeremy Creager, at your service. I am the owner here at Perfect Darkness Tint.
I have been an entrepreneur ever since I was 12! My first business was a door to door lawn mowing service and chopping and stacking cords of fire wood.

I got my start in the Window Tinting world years ago when I was working at Agilant Technologies in the shipping and receiving department.

Around that same time, I picked up a part time paper route, but was still looking for a new way to make a living.
My high school mentor Daniel Gromm with Dent Dynamics suggested that I look into getting a job tinting windows.

That’s exactly what I did- I looked up tint shops in the phone book and called around asking if they were hiring.

I worked for two weeks for free at Sun Tint just to let the owner Bob Assadipour know that I wanted to learn and that I was committed and serious.

Within 3 weeks, I let go of the paper route. Not too much later, I stopped working at Agilant Technologies as well.

I was on my way to becoming a full time Window Tinter.

Eventually, I did leave Sun Tint (still have a great working relationship!) to go to work for Total Eclipse Auto Spa of Marin with Tony Bonnici who also became a teacher and close friend.

I learned a lot about the window tinting business and life as well by working there, and I have much gratitude for Tony Bonnici for showing up in life the way that he does.

At one point, I even set myself up as an independent Window Tinter, scheduling jobs and filling time slots with many different Tint Shop owners in the local area.

All of that experience served me very well when I created my own window tinting business, Perfect Darkness Tint back in 2006.

All of these businesses supported me building my own brand because they liked my character and trusted me.

Perfect Darkness Tint has worked with other Automotive related shops and dealerships from Sonoma County Marin County, San francisco, SF Peninsula and the Entire Bay Area

We have supported & helped build ClearGuardUSA, a child company of German Mothers Collision Center which is a child company of BMW & MINI of SAN FRANCISCO

For over 4 1/2+ years we have provided the quality art, skill, workmanship and professional application of high end automotive window tinting to other vendors such as above.


Here at Perfect Darkness Tint, we have also been known to train those who would like to invest in themselves as a Window Tinter.

I taught and trained one of my brothers to Tint Windows- he now lives in Hawaii!

I trained a young man that now works in Novato CA at a shop where he has been Tinting Windows for years!

Most recently, I was teaching and training a guy (that speaks very little English and I speak absolutely no Spanish) how to Tint Windows. He is doing a fantastic job and I am very proud of his progress, especially given our language gap!

My mother and a good friend, JB from JosephBDesign.com, created the logo for PerfectDarknessTint.com

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